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TV commercials & leaders

Hier onder een selectie van onze radiocommercials, wil je meer weten of een prijsopgave stuur dan een mail.


BelSimpel campagne: 'Jeroen & Jeroen'
Renger Koning: Muziek en sound design.

Here you can see some of the work I have done on commercials & leaders over the last few years. Enjoy and if you have any questions, drop me a line.

Warenhuis Groningen

Director: Alexander Otto
Renger Koning: Music & Sound design.


Renger Koning: Music composition.

ESNS: Music Moves Europe Talent Awards - Leader


Renger Koning: Music composition.

Dizain Campagne: KNSB

103% Reloaded

Director: Ismaël Lotz
Renger Koning: Music composition.

A short clip for Han Koning's new Vase called 103%

7 days of inspiration - leader

Director: Wybren van Keulen / F12 Visuals
Renger Koning: Music composition and sound design.

Permanent Beta - leader

Renger Koning: Music composition and sound design.

Philips - Flashplayer

Sometimes everything is prepared for the launch of a new product but just before the release it is pulled back.
The Philips Flashplayer is such a product.

Video production: Weber Creatives and Studio 5
Music: Renger Koning and Michiel Rasker
Vocals: CT Heida
Trumpet: Kevin Gallagher

BVN - leaders & station imaging

Director: Ed Elting
Renger Koning: Music composition

24 hours satellite TV station. 5 Music themes, 71 variations.